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It is more crowded at the end of July than we had imagined. From experience, it is still the case that you can come spontaneously and there will still be space and electricity. It is only those who arrive after 20:00 who seem to think that it is starting to become somewhat difficult to find a place with electricity on their own. In the worst case, you get a place without electricity, but can either find a free contact the next day or relocate to a better place with electricity, as we neither have numbered places nor reserve specific places.

For guests wanting to stay in a cabin, it is recommended you make a reservation. Cabin reservations are prepaid a week prior to arrival.

Felter markert med * må fylles ut

When reserving a cabin there is an obligatory bedlinnen fee of 100,- NOK per person for general hygiene reasons including both bedlinnen, duvee and pillows, except for a few of the 7 16m2 cabins and the 12 m2 cabins. Staying 4 persons in a 16m2 cabin for two nights the price therefor becomes 750 per night.

Vent 3 sekunder for å sende.

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Camping: Pr car/caravan NOK 185,-
Adults NOK 30,-
Children (4-12) NOK 15,-
Electricity NOK 42,-

Empty spill water and sewage (for those who are not staying) NOK 75,-

Campervan two persons and electricity is, by example, 287,- NOK per night


We offer dynamic low-season pricing during the low season depending on the number of persons, and time of the low season.

We only allow dogs in a few of the simple 16m2 cabins, but not in the 25, 26, or 33m2 cabins. Guests may not bring their own bed linen or sleeping bags in any of the 25, 26, or 33m2 cabins, and have to pay an obligatory bed linen fee of 100,- NOK per person. Only one of the 12m2 and three 16m2 cabins can be rented without bed linen, duvet and pillows, only having a mattress cover on the bed. We are aware the common theme with Norwegian campsites, is you can choose to bring bed linen and do not have to bring both duvet, pillow, and bed linen. However, that is not the case here as it, with some 16m2 cabins, is you either bring everything; duvets, pillow bed linen, or sleeping bag, or you come to a cabin in which all the bedding is already prepared. All this with the intention of a higher hygiene standard and a seamless paying for what you want kind of system.

Prices cabins:

New Cabin, 33 m2 with equipped kitchen, nice bathroom with shower and toilet, 4-5 sleeping places, big terrace outside. High standard NOK 1220,-

New Cabin, 26 m2 with equipped kitchen, nice bathroom with shower and toilet, 3-4 sleepingplaces, big terrace outside. High standard NOK 1010,-

Cabin, 25 m2 with equipped kitchen, sleeping room with 4 beds, washing room with hot/cold water, double sleeping sofa in the living room, terrace outside: NOK 750,-

Cabin, 16 m2 with 4 beds, table and chairs, refrigerator and cooking plate (simple kitchen), terrace outside: NOK 550,-

Cabin 12 m2 with 3 beds, sofa, table and chairs, fridge and hob, terrace with nice views. NOK 510, -

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Welcome to Sæbø Camping!

Open until late Oct, but with reduces opening hours in the reception.

    Sæbø Camping is located in Øvre Eidfjord, approx. 300 m from the main road 7 between Oslo and Bergen.
    The camping site is situated in beautiful and quiet surroundings between high mountains by the shore of Lake Eidfjord. The site covers an area of 30.000 m2. The terrain is flat with open grass-field split up by small groups of trees. Next to the site runs the salmon- and trout-river Bjoreio.

    Capacity: 14 cabins (4 - 6 beds)
    100 campingunits
    60, 10-16 Amp, el-outlets for caravans/mobile/tents

    The servicebuilding is recently (2010) extended/rehabilitated and contains:

    • Reception and kiosk. -Fresh breakfast-bread every morning.
    • Wireless internet.
    • Toilets.
    • Separate cabinets with sink, hot/cold running water and el- outlet.
    • Showers with hot/cold water (10 nok coin-automates). Heated floor.
    • Facilities for people with a disability, shower and toilet. Heated floor.
    • Family room and changing room for babies. Heated floor.
    • Laundry-room with washing machine, cloth dryer (3x 10 nok coins)
    • Dishwashing rooms.
    • Campingkitchen with stove, oven, workbench and sinks for dishwashing.
    • Room for disposal of chemical toilets and outletwater from caravans.
    • Freshwater for caravans.

    For fishing and in the Eidfjord Lake we usually have boats and canoes for rent (although currently not for the 2020 season).
    The camping site has a well-equipped playground for children.

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    HARDANGERVIDDA NATURE CENTRE is a lively, experience centre: Ivo Caprino Super videograph with 200 seats and five screens, 3D models, Interactive videos, modern aquarium section, 700 m2 exhibition area, a good restaurant and a souvenir shop. In 2018 it was upgraded with an interactive art gallery.

    100 meters from here you also find Best Advetures. They offer guided Sea Kayaking, River Kayaking mainly with groups of 8 and above. Activities for the whole family from beginners to experts. Open all days in season: 1/5 – 1/ 10 .

    Øvre Eidfjord is the last settlement before the road rises up to Hardangervidda, the largest mountain plateau in Europe, and a good starting point for walking in the mountains. The tourist information is to be found on the harbor in the center of Eidfjord, but please do not hesitate asking us about whatever when staying with us. Eidfjord is also where you can get groceries, fuel, gas (filling automat) etc.

    The Måbø Valley and Vøringsfossen shows the arterial roads through the wild and beautiful Måbødalen, to the modern main road. You may see the waterfall either by walking in in front of it, or by parking by the new viewpoint close by Fossli Hotel, with its very exposed metal bridges and built-out platforms. The hike starts by parking in one of the pockets on both sides of the road just after the second tunnel when driving upwards from Øvre Eidfjord. Walk on the old road going along the mountainside, take a right trurn on to a steep trail taking you down to the river and follow this as far as you can get to the waterfall. Currently, the bridge getting you an approximately 200 meters closer to the waterfall, is currently out of order. except from accessing the trail to the waterfall, it is not recommended to cross the further road blockings, as it has been closed by road authorities due to avalanche risk. Fishing license to fish in the river can be bought in the reception (Sæbø Camping), for 50,- NOK per person (kids under 16 for free). If you want a longer, more exposed and with a view, hike, we recommend the hike from the parking by the waterfall viepoint, to the Vetle Ishaug peak (1303 meters above sea level). This is an approximate 5 hours hike back and forth, following a red t-marked trail going north (map recommended).

    SIMA HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION - the second biggest power plant station in Norway is unfortunately no longer available for guided tours.

    HJØLMODALEN, is the third most popular staring point for hikes in the Hardangervidda National park. Anywhere from a 1,5 hour hike to several days of hiking (ask us for details). Take off from Road 7 just 150 meters after exiting the campsite in the direction of Eidfjord, drive through the village, and continue up the steep and narrow road elevating 880 meters in 11 km. Passing an old farmstead inhabited from the 1600s until 1990 after about 5 km, followed by a the parkings; one after 10 km and the other at the end of the road. This is not a place to drive with a motorhome unless you have the necessary driving skills. From the 10km parking, you may walk the 1,5 hours roundtrip to Valurfossen, the roundtrip to the Viveli cabin or do the more adventurous hike to the Berakupen peak, navigating your way there on your own.  

    KJEÅSEN montain farm, 600 m above the fjord. You may walk to this taking a left when you come to a crossroads by the end of the Sima fjord, following a sign at which a hiker is diplayed. Park by the parking at the end of this road, and follow the trail starting along the Fjord. This is a steep trail in which there is a rather exposed log you walk on for a couple of meters while holding onto a rope. More comfortable to do on a dry day. On or after rainy days, it can be either slippery on the trail or an ever so small waterfall in the trail, perhaps mostly in early summer when there is significant snowmelt at the same time. In case you want to drive all the way up to the mountain farm, continue on where you take a left when doing the hike, and take a left by a sign informing you you can ONLY drive up every whole hour, and down every half hour, due to the road being especially narrow.

    HARDANGERJØKULEN glacier - seen from RV7. The 6-8 hour (back and forth) hike from the southern side is not marked, and demands you are able to navigate there on your own.  

    HARDANGERVIDDA National Park is with its 3.430 km2, Norway’s largest national park. With the special landscape, nature, arctic flora and fauna. Plenty of longer and shorter hikes to do in the area, but we are happy to help in the reception.

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    Sæbø Camping
    Eidfjordvegen 151
    5784 Øvre Eidfjord

    Tlf: 004794982862

    E-mail: post@saebocamping.com 

    For reservations or inquiries, please use the form.


    Euref89 – geografiske:
    N 60°25´33,3" WGS84
    E 7°07´18,8" WGS84

    Euref 89 – UTM sone 32:
    Nord 6700320
    Øst 396600

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    About us

    Sæbø Camping is a family business that has existed for over 80 years and is now owned and operated by Håvar Opstad Sæbø, who is the 4th generation of managaers. I have ambitions to invest, expand and upgrade as soon as the pandemy is under control and there is a sustainable and economoical room for investing in a higher electric capacity, a modernised playground area, a refurbished and potentially expanded sanitary and upgraded and/or newer cabins.

    It was Lars L.Sæbø who once in the 30s started work on building a campsite on the scenic river delta at Eidfjordvatnet, after having tried his luck digging gold and working as a timbermann in Alaska. Since then it was, in combination, used by camping guests and for agriculture until it became a full-fledged campsite in 1994.

    Today, the space has 100 spacious pitches, 20 permanent seasonal spaces, 14 cabins and a modern and well-equipped service building. There is also plenty of outdoor space for recreation and activities.

    We want the guests to enjoy themselves at Sæbø Camping and place great emphasis on service and hospitality.

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    På Sæbø Camping har faste gjestar campingvogn med selvbygga og tilpassa platting foran vogn og fortelt oppå. Fordi me kun er ope om sommaren og 89 % av aukans besøkande var internasjonale i 2019, har faste gjester tradisjonelt sett vore ein liten del av aukans trafikk og satsing. Mange med fast campingvogn forvente idag å kunne ha spikertelt, men det har me ikkje tillatt så langt og har med infrastruktur, i tillegg til kva som er mest berekraftig per idag, å gjere. Me har i 2021, 14 faste campingvogner, som har vore hjå oss i alt frå 15-53 år, og ønsker nye faste besøkande velkomne! Pris er i 2022, var 7750,- for sommerleie og 1500,- for å lagre vognen på same plass på vinteren. Strøm kjem i tillegg, og var i 2022 3,5 kroner per kW. Vi ønsker flere faste gjester velkommen, men må først oppgradere strøm fasilitetene, så flere faste gjester ikke går ut over strømmen jeg kan tilby andre overnattende. Nokre har vore i kontakt allereie men, det ser ut til at ein del vegrar seg på grunn av at det ikkje er heilt same komforten som med spikartelt, og at det er ein del arbeid med å forankre vogn og bygge platting. Kort fortalt må vognen forankrast med jordspyd og jekkestroppar, og platting må ikkje gå ut over størrelsen på forteltet. Me kan vere behjelpeleg med forankring og bygging av platting mot betaling. 

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